Monday, June 23, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette

This last winter, I invested in something with more quality... the Lorac Pro Palette! Easy to say, I fell in love the instant it arrived in the mail. With 16 different shades, I thought it seemed like more of a deal at $42 compared to any of the Naked palettes at around $50 that contain less shade variations. The palette contains 8 matte colors (top row) and 8 shimmer colors (bottom row). I enjoy both shimmer and matte shades, so I decided this was the palette for me. Let us get into a break down of the shades...
Lets begin with the top row, or matte shades.

White: This is your basic highlighter. Pure white. Tends to not have terribly much color pay off.
Cream: A highlighter color with a pink tint. When using more rose-colored looks, I use this as my highlighter. Again, not as vibrant color pay off.
Taupe: A great base or crease color! Taupe is one of my favorite matte shades. Reminds me of the same color as a latte. Color pay off comes off the same as it looks in the palette.
Lt. Pink: Great color pay off for such a light color. I enjoy using this one to lighten up some of my looks.
Mauve: Oh, mauve. This color is my absolute favorite color in the palette. When on, it gives odd a more brown tint on the skin. Absolutely love this one. Goes great with light pink and cream.
Sable: Sable is a bit more of a dark color. A good crease color.
Espresso: Comes off as an extreme dark brown. I can substitute as a soft eyeliner.
Black: Just as it says: black. Can work as a less-harsh or soft eyeliner.

Onto shimmers...

Nude: Very light highlight. It is a very light skin-tone color. The lighter of the shimmer highlights.
Champagne: A bit darker than nude, Champagne is just a touch more pink than nude.
Gold: My favorite of the shimmers. I adore this one as much as I adore Mauve. The color payoff is gorgeous. Will make you feel like a golden goddess.
Lt. Bronze: This beautiful color goes great with gold, it's darker partner in crime.
Pewter: Comes off as a brown color. Very dark. Great for night time looks.
Garnet: In the palette, it looks to be a more orange color, but when on, it looks much more like a bright right.
Deep Purple: The color pay off is that off an eggplants color... and eggplant that shimmers.
Slate: A metallic dark grey. Great for night time looks.

I use this palette A LOT. It's great for every day looks and for special occasion looks. It's worth the $42 that it costs. The colors all look even more stunning on when used with a primer. My descriptions were based off what the colors look like without primer.

If interested in the Lorac Pro Palette: Click Here
(P.S. The palette comes with a sample sized tube of Lorac's primer!)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Jordana Twist & Shine

So, being the sucker that I am, I tend to get suckered in by good deals on cosmetics when I see them. This tends to happen frequently at my local Walgreens. They tend to have deals such as "Buy one, get one 50% off"! Seeing this on already inexpensive products makes me think 'Well, why not give it a try?'. So I did.

I first bought two of Jordana's Twist & Shine moisturizing Balm Stains months ago. One even got bumped around in my bag so much that the silver print on the side got worn off. (Whoops!) Then a few days ago, I decided to buy two more. They are basically a cheaper version of Revlon's balm stains that will cost you about $8, where as the Jordana Balm Stains will cost you about $3 a piece at full price. They also compare to Tarte's LipSurgence Lip Tints. Being so inexpensive, you tend to take a chance with the quality. So, how did I turn out?

  • Nude Chic: I'm going to be honest. This was one of the colors that you could say I really took a chance on. Thank goodness I didn't have super high expectations for it since I was a bit disappointed. When put on my lips, it gave just about zero color. Only sparkle. Way too much sparkle. 

  • Candied Coral: They did not lie in the name. This IS coral. Lots of color pay-off. There can be a sheen with this one, but I don't see sparkles. This is probably one of the most impressive of the four that I own. It's a color perfect for summer, and the color pay-off is ah-maze-ing.

  • Rock n Rouge: How can I say this...? It's the perfect shade of red. It's not orange-y, but a deep, classic red that will really stain your lips even after you try and wipe it off. It isn't dry, nuh-uh. There is a sheen to it, caused by the small amount of sparkle in it. Sorry, matte lip-lovers.

  • Honey Love: Ohhh, Honey. This color. It comes off a bit purple-tinted, but not in a bad way! In a good way. I think this is a color that could work for lots of skin tones. There is no sparkle with this one. It is not matte, but does not give off a lot of shine. It's a good color for an everyday look Good color pay-off. Possibly my favorite.

Out of the four that I own and have tried, I only had one fluke. I can accept that. I think the more vibrant the color, or less of a nude, the better your chances of getting your money's worth will be. I'm very pleased with what I have. I mean, only $3 for these babies? You can't go wrong.

Link to Balm Stain's here, where you can find out additional information such as: Long Lasting, Paraben-Free, Retractable, and made in the USA.